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die folgende Anweisung hat mir auch geholfen. Damit habe ich bisher keine Probleme!

Zitat aus Zipato-Mail:

1) Do hard reset procedure – you can do that in following way:
2) Wait until your Zipabox is online (should take about 10 minutes after hard reset procedure)
3) Log in into your Zipabox account on
4) Click on API
5) After that click on firmware
6) After that click on firmware/upgrade
7) In text field write number 87 and after that click on Try it out
8) Wait until your firmware is being upgraded (about 5-10 minutes) – after that you should see that your firmware is upgraded to 1.0.5 version
9) Please try to include devices again and see if they are working on new firmware

Viel Erfolg!