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    es gibt in dem Zipato Forum Neuigkeiten bezüglich der neuen App und der Zipato V3 Plattform etc… (na endlich).

    Aber der Sprung auf die neue Zipatowelt scheint echt ein graus zu werden…. Ich hoffe dass sich dann die Arbeit lohnt, alles von Hand neu zu machen…(das wird einige Tage in Anspruch nehmen…)

    Sebastian Popovic:

    Here is the update.

    For the last 2 years we were working on the new Zipato backend (v3), new Zipato APP for both iOS and Android (no, that’s not the iOS one which we started to work on 3 years ago), new Zipabox2 which should replace both Zipabox1 and ZIpamicro and Zipatile2 which will bring Zipatile1 on to the next level of technical and design performance.

    It is obvious that these are replacements for all our products so it was like creating an new Zipato, except that we were having bunch of code running and significant experience from running previous Zipato before. But still, this was a huge job and it took us much longer than we planned initially. This was also the reason why some promised improvements of the existing platform were not published and even worse, we were having more then regular cloud outages.

    Anyway, we are on our way out now and this is the current status of projects mentioned above:

    Zipato v3 is currently up and running in some early beta stage. We are planning to release it by the end of this month.
    The main difference is that v3 is based on Systems which users will have to create first and then register their controller(s) within these particular Systems. All details, will be published soon within the new knowledge base section on this portal.
    New Zipato mobile App will be published for both Android and iOS this month together with Zipato v3 since the new App will only work with Zipato v3. Yes, this means that you won’t be able to use the new App with your existing installations, but you will have to create new Systems in Zipato v3 environment:-( I know this is a hassle, but that will result with much less hassle in the future maintenance of these systems and hopefully bigger customer satisfaction at the end. Although migration is not possible automatically, and new Systems will have to be created manually (including rules, scenes and virtual devices), it will be possible to unregister existing controllers from the existing platform and register them within a new Systems so it won’t be necessary to pari all devices again.
    New mobile app will practically replace both current mobile apps and web app since it has all configuration options available inside. Only rule creator will stay as web application from obvious design reasons. We are quite excited about the architecture of the new mobile app and we believe it will be very competitive smart home solution.
    Zipabox2 is already on the market. It is way stronger than Zipabox1, it has backup battery inside, WiFi and additional USB port. However, it doesn’t have Z-wave build in the main unit. Z-wave is not an additional expansion module just like all the other supported radio modules. This way, users can buy only the main unit and attach only the radio module(s) which they really use.
    Zipatile2 was a huge project. We designed completely new device based on the same concept as it is Zipatile1. We were using the experience which we gained with Zipatile1 and we made a better looking and more reliable home server. However, production of Zipatile2 got stuck due to issues with production of the metal mid frame. It is very big and complex and the production goes too slow. That’s why we had to engage more production lines and each one is taking months for setting up. Meanwhile we have decided to sell them only for large projects which were already in queue for delivery and we will start selling them online once after we start receiving midframes from new production lines. We expect that this will happen in this December.
    Regarding some general improvements, we are planning to finally release Google Assistant integration by the end of this year, as well as support for Amazon Alexa v3 API (meanwhile the current integration is fully functional).

    Hopefully this update will help you to better understand what is going on here and what we are planning to do. There will be many more upgrades once after we finally migrate to these new products completely as we will certainly be more efficient then.

    Meanwhile. I wish to thank you for your patience and support. I hope we will continue improving the new platform together and make it to be as good as we all want it to be.


    Moin Moin

    hatte bisher weder IOS noch einen V3 Account.

    Nun hat einer meiner leiben Kunden auf seinem IOS handy die V3App aufgeladen und kommt nicht mehr rein.

    Muss ich nun tatsächlich die Box auf V3 heben und alle regeln neu schreiben nur damit die App geht ?

    Oder geht die neue IOS App auch mit V2 ?

    Ich habe da ein Backup laufen…könnte mand damit auf V3 und die regeln wieder herstellen ?

    hoffentlich geht es..



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